Frigate3-Std 3.26

If you are still using the biggest programming mistake ever...

If you are still using the biggest programming mistake ever made an ill-thought solution called Windows Explorer, you are wasting your time of your valuable.

There are much better file manager alternatives that are easier to use and offer more options. Take Frigate 3, for example. This is a two-pane file manager, the format that is extremely convenient when it comes to working with files.

The program supports plug-ins for Total Commander (formerly Windows Commander) and has folder synchronization feature with FTP support. Since most file manager users are professionals, Frigate 3 is packed with great perks to the brink.

Like music? This file manager comes with an audio/video file player/viewer and MP3 tag editor. Use images in daily operations? Great, because Frigate 3 comes with an image converter and a viewer with thumbnail and slideshow functions.

Naturally, Frigate 3 offers extensive network and FTP file management features along with powerful search and replace functions that support regular expressions.

Frigate 3 is really crammed with excellent and very useful options, like side-by-side text file comparison with differences being highlighted.

Developers are sure to appreciate built-in Hex editor, DBF editor and HTML viewer, as well as other handy extras, like TreeNotes, Quick Launch, Startup Manager or SmartPad.

Getting overwhelmed with Frigates capabilities? Not to worry the program is using module-based architecture, meaning you can turn off any viewer or editor you dont need.

Likewise, you can take advantage of Frigates jumbo plug-in collection and add some exotic option 99% percent of users would never need. With own FTP client and a zip file manager, Frigate 3 is a best candidate for the Nets most convenient file manager/Explorer replacement for Windows.

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